Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Second year...

So I decided to take up blogging again. Mostly because I'm waiting for my scones to be done, but also because I don't want to do my pedagogics homework.

(I was planning on procastinating my grocery shopping as well, but we are going on the fifth day with no coffe at home and everybody are going a bit crazy)

I'm in second year now, and thereby no longer the youngest in school. :) Although I never was the youngest. But there is some satisfaction in seeing all these first years, who are still a little insecure and don't really know yet how things work at the school.

Second year also means more dancing. We are expected to know the steps by know, so now we get more time for combinations and moving across the floor. And we get partnering classes (yay^^).

Not to mention more pedagogcs... I don't mind pedagogics, I mean, I do want to teach. It's just... Its a bit boring sometimes. And we get homework. The kind you can't do last minute. I hate that kind of homework. (And I should go and do it right now!)

Things I look forward to:
  •  THE WEEKEND! I know it's only tuesday, but my body is still tired from last weekend (might have something to do with Oktoberfest, but you never know...) I need rest!
  • My birthday :) It's tomorrow, and I'm going to celebrate by wasting some money and buy myself a nice dinner on the way home from school. The "real" celebration though is on friday (another reason to long for the weekend). My boyfriend is cooking me dinner :)

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