Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The thigs we do... 2.0

Woke up this morning with both my knees covered in bruises, wondering what happened yesterday. And no, I wasn't drunk.

The reason why I have all those bruises is because of floor class and probably also the guest teacher.

Floor class (for those of you unaware) is where we contemporary dancers learn how to roll over the floor. And maybe do some tricks like headstands, shoulderstands and other breakdancey stuff. It usually results in a lot of bruises in wierd places. The ting is just we're getting so used to it by now, that we don't even remember hurting ourselves. It took a lot of thinking before I rememberd that time I did that movement wrong and hit my knees in the floor.

Not to mention the bruises you get from just being plain exhausted.

And the guest teachers role in this? She had the class after floor class and decided to do a lot of floor... My muscles hurt!

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