Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Boardgames! Boardgames everywhere!!

So I went to a boardgame convention last saturday :)

I had no idea it even existed, but apparently it does. One of the perks of living in Germany, I guess.

Me and le Boyfriend woke up early saturday morning in order to have as much time at the convention as possible. After a quick breakfast we got on the U-bahn towards the convention. The closer we got, the more excited Boyfriend got, and just before we reached the building he was literally skipping along the street, happily chanting; "Boardgame convention, boardgame convention :D".

We managd to get free passes through a friend of Boyfriend, who worked at the convention, and so we walked into the hall and.... Wow! Not only was there a lot of booths with different companies promoting their games, there was also table after table with people just playing games. Because (and this is the best part) in the middle was a big game library where you in exchange for your ID or drivers licence could borrow any game you wanted (provided they had it of course). You could also try out games at pretty much any of the booths.

I got to play a lot of new games, but also some that I knew from before.

Sadly enough we never played Dominion even though that had been the plan. Somehow we never got around to it.

Had this event ever taken place in Sweden, the crowd would have consisted only of hardcore tabletop nerds (and me). But here in Münich you could find almost anyone. I saw a lot of families who'd braught a picnic that they would eat between trying out new games and discussing wether any of them were worth buying. Although I think most of the people were university students who simply enjoy tabletop games.
I think what made the day so nice overall was the atmosphere. It didn't matter if you were a nerd or not, or if you knew all the rules by heart. If you needed help, there was always someone there to help you, and if you lacked players, you could always just ask any random person if they wanted to play with you. There were even people emplyed there whose job it was to help explain the rules or be that extra person missing.

And there's so much I haven't even mentioned yet. Like the Ticket to Ride tournament. Or the Settlers from Catan bus. Or the giant Tac table. Or the Lego exhibition. The list goes on forever.

I can't wait until next year!!

P.S Unfourtunatley I was too busy enjoying myself to have time to take pictures, but I found this when I googled the Spielwiesn :)
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