Friday, August 8, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy (and some other stuff)

I've made a deal with myself that I have to write something every day. To make my writing better. Because I love to write. Because that's why I created this blog to begin with.

So now I have to write something.

A rewiev?

I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy yesterday.
I want to start with saying, that even though I'm a geek, I'm not a comic book geek. I haven't seen all of the other Marvel movies. Actually I've only seen one; The Avengers. And I didn't really like that one.
But I did enjoy Guardians of the Galaxy (or GoG as I'll be calling them from now on). And my slightly more geeky friend agreed that it was better than The Avengers. It was more colorful, more comic book like. And it was defenetly more humoristic. The whole audience was laughing at several occasions.

My main problem with the movie were the villians. They were too flat. And throughout the movie I never understood why they were doing what they were doing. The only explanation seemed to be "because they are evil" which is really just a bad reason. Sometimes there would be a hint about vengence being an underlying reason, but never more than "... For what he did to my father, and my fathers father..."

But then on a positive note, there was no romance subplot. Even though they did have the typical womanizing hero meeting hot tough girl, they never hooked up. And I love that! Because I often find that the romance takes away from the main story, especially when (like in the case of the Hobbit) the writers make one up so they can attract a bigger audience (or because they feel there has to be one).

And before I saw the movie, I was afraid the racoon would only be there to attract cuteness points, but he turned out to be pretty badass.

So to sum it up; An enjoyable movie, which has flaws, but they can be overlooked. 4/5 fishies.

I never was good at writing rewievs. But I guess practice makes perfect (or at least slightly better)

Finally got the batteries charged in my camera :)

I'm also back in Sweden for the summer (wheatherwise, last day of summer is predicted to be tomorrow, then it's getting rainy and miserable again). Tomorrow I might go blueberry and mushroom picking with my parents. Visit wild nature and the sea (the things I miss the most in Germany).

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