Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A day in my life

Because no one cares...

I wake up around nine (sometimes eight, sometimes ten). Spend some time in bed, checking facebook on my phone or just thinking about life, the universe and everything. Then I get up and make breakfast (either yoghurt with fruits and müsli, or a bananapancake with a fruitsalad), which I usually eat in my room. Because it's cozier.

Then I find a way to make time pass until lunchtime. I go grocery shopping, I do laundry, I clean or I watch youtube videos. Mostly the last one. I also stretch a bit, roll over my foam roller or do some sit-ups.

Then I eat my lunch and leave for school.

All days are different, but in general we start 3 pm, so I'm there half an hour before to stretch and warm up and say hi to everyone. We normally don't have very long breaks between our classes. There is a running joke that each break you have time to do two out of four things; eat someting, use the toilet, change clothes or talk with your friends.

After the last class we stay a while to stretch, work on choreography and hang out for a bit until we get kicked out because the school closes.

And so I'm home between 10 and 11 pm, which is when I have dinner (most often a salad with a boiled egg and a sandwich) and read some blogs or webcomics until I fall asleep.

And here's a picture of me dressed as a pink unicorn, because wine
And here's a picture of me dressed as a pink unicorn, because wine

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