Sunday, March 9, 2014


This will be a rambling post because of a slight hangover I may eventually suffer from.

I'm not actually a partygirl, but for some reason I have been out partying two weekends in a row now. Last weekend because it was Fashing (a big carneval thingy here in Munich and some other places), and that meant a chance to party like a unicorn


 And yesterday my sneaky friends invited me to watch the finale of "Melodifestivalen". The swedish competition to decide who to send to the Eurovision Song Contest. We made it fancy with a fancy dinner. And coctails. I had planned on maybe one coctail, and then go home to bed. That one coctail turned into a whole bottle, and before I knew it I was out clubbing.

At one point in the club there was a guy with a very... special way of picking up a girl. When I first noticed the guy he was standing right in front of me, about two meters away, pointing. At me. Using his whole arm. It was so unexpected me and my friend couldn't help but laugh at him. And not only that but a moment later someone tapped me on the shoulder. When I turned around another guy was standing there saying "My friend..". About there I stopped listening and, still laughing, shook my head and said no.

It may be dark in a nightclub, but if you point like this I can still see you. (I know this is a picture of Obama, but it was the best I could find.)

I haven't had a guy sending his friend to ask me out or if I want to dance since I was twelve. 

But I have to give them some cred. Other guys tried to pick us up by dancing behind our backs thinking we would notice and find it hot. And others tried the "why introduce myself politely when I can touch you butt"- technique. But when that wingman came up to me all I had to do was say "no", and he said "ok" and left. It makes me happy. For once a simple "no" was enough! No trying to convince me or calling me bitch for not wanting to dance. I was left to keep on having fun and enjoy myself with my friends.

And so I landed in by bed six o'clock this morning with a smile on my face.

And woke up four hours later feeling not great, but that's beside the point.

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